{ applications }
When applying to this community, please be aware of the following:

→ Please make sure that your friends only post reflects the approximate date you applied.

→ Your journal cannot be marked at 2 weeks or more. If you are a past member, you may change the date on an old friends only post, but it is still your responsibility to ensure that your journal has been updated recently. On Thursdays and Sundays, all journals that are marked 2 weeks or more will be removed, regardless of the date which the member was added.

→ Every application requires examples to be submitted even if you are already part of the community. We don't specify a number of scenes or entries, but it must be something substantial to prove that you can and do write.

→ If you were removed because you didn't update on time, you must reapply with an update if it has been 6 weeks or less. If it has been over 6 weeks since you were a member, you can reapply with examples.

{ overrides }
When applying to override at this community, please be aware of the following:

→ When applying to override, please tell us you are doing so in your application.

→ If you need to know whether a particular member is up for override, or if you want to ask us approximately what time adds or removals will be, please don't hesitate to comment the contact post. We have no problem with providing this information and will get back to you ASAP. If you're trying to override a member because you see that they have cleaned out their journal, please let us know so that we can remove them.

→ There are several reasons that a member might be considered inactive and up for override. They are listed below in our activity requirements.

{ activity requirements }
These are the things you must do in order to be considered active at this community:

→ Post an introduction in rerun within three days of being added, regardless of whether you are a new member or returning after being removed. You must reply to the majority of comments on your introduction within a week, or you are up for override.

→ Update every two weeks. Members are allowed one backdated entry, but you must post on the friends page every four weeks (every other update). Update extensions may be granted on a case by case basis. Your first entry can be backdated. Anyone attempting to change the dates on a backdated placeholder will be removed immediately. If we see you are repeatedly changing dates, you won't be allowed back into the community.

→ Your entries on the friends page must show some kind of effort. "Effort" may include written updates, playlists, photo collages, update challenges, mood boards, or a combination of these things. Things that will not count as making effort include a single GIF or photo, quotes without any original content, one-liner posts of such things as "I'm sick" or "What are you watching on Netflix?" We reserve the right to remove you if you are consistetly pushing the limits of this rule. PLEASE NOTE: Birthday posts are an exception to the rule as long as you link to a private post for the recipient.

→ Update your friends list every two weeks, or you may be overridden. You are allowed to keep old members added to your journal and we do not require you to run the removal button every two weeks, but if you have over 500 friends and your list is no longer accessible, you may also be overridden.

→ Reply to your comments. If you have not replied to more than half of the combined comments on your last TWO friends page entries (placeholders don't count), we consider you up for override. This means if you don't reply to any comments on one post, you must reply to them all on the next post, etc. We count disabling commnts as not replying to them.

{ hiatuses }
→ Members are granted 6 weeks of hiatus time every 6 months. You may take all 6 weeks at once or split your time and take two 3-week hiatuses or three 2-week hiatuses.

→ You may be granted an extra hiatus for extending ooc circumstances. This is never a problem for members who are otherwise active. However, please note that multiple requests for extra hiatuses can and will be denied if we feel like the hiatus system is being abused.

→ Any public, in-character activity will result in your hiatus being revoked without warning. This includes comments, posts, and changing your icons, userinfo, or layout. If it is brought to our attention or we see it, you will lose your hiatus and be up for override if you are over 2 weeks.

→ Private and ooc activity does not count against your hiatus. This includes activity in customs, posting in communities like rps, replying to a comment in your screened post, and using messenger services.

→ When you return from hiatus, you MUST post on the friends page with an effort post regardless of whether your last post before the hiatus was on the friends page.

{ infractions }
The following are against the rules and will result in removal:

→ Crossing the IC/OOC line. If you feel you are experiencing or witnessing line crossing, please pm us with as many details and as much proof as possible. We will handle situations on a case-by-case basis. At this community, we consider banning another member from your journal to be line-crossing.

→ Plagiarism, applying with stolen examples, passing off roles, and any other duplicitous actions involving writing.

→ Any attempts to troll either the friends page or specific members. We reserve the right to reject applications that we feel may be malicious and permanently ban anyone who engages in harassment.