{ applications }
When applying to this community, please be aware of the following:

→ Your friends only post must reflect the approximate date when you are added. Keep in mind you are required to update two weeks from the date on your friends only post, not the date you were added into the community.

→ Your journal cannot be marked at having updated 2 weeks or more ago. If you are a past member, you may change the date on an old friends only post, but it is still your responsibility to ensure that your journal has been updated recently. On Thursdays and Sundays, all journals that are marked 2 weeks or more will be removed, regardless of the date which the member was added. Removals are done between 8 and 10 PM EST unless they have to be done later in the evening.

→ Please make sure you have included examples. Every application requires examples to be submitted even if you are already part of the community. We don't specify a number of scenes or entries, but it must be something substantial to prove that you can and do write. We reserve the right to reject applications where too few examples are provided.

→ We do not allow members to reapply with only their examples if they were removed because they were due for an effort post and did not post one and are reapplying immediately after being removed. To be re-added into the community you must update your journal accordingly.

→ We suggest that you use a layout that includes visible dates, but we do not require it as long as you do not disable the comments on any of your posts OR include a cut tag so that we can easily see when your post was made. We are aware that we can go through the calendar and find that information, but given the number of members we have and how much time it takes to go through every single journal every single week, we want to make things run as smoothly and quickly as possible. If you disable comments on a backdated placeholder without dates visible or a cut-tag available, you will be removed.

{ overrides }
When applying to override at this community, please be aware of the following:

→ When applying to override, please tell us you are doing so in your application.

→ If you need to know whether a particular member is up for override, or if you want to ask us approximately what time adds or removals will be, please don't hesitate to comment the contact post. We have no problem with providing this information and will get back to you ASAP.

→ If a member has cleaned out their journal and effectively left the community, please bring it to our attention before you apply so that we can remove them immediately. If you apply before letting us know so that we can remove them first, they might reverse the cleaning out process after they see your application and make it impossible for us to be certain that their journal was truly cleaned out. If we see that a journal appears to be cleaned out, we will remove it immediately and without warning.

→ There are a myriad of reasons that a member might be considered inactive and up for override. They are listed below in our activity requirements.

{ activity requirements }
These are the things you must do in order to be considered active at this community:

→ Post an introduction in rerun within three days of being added, regardless of whether you are a new member or returning after being removed. You must reply to the majority of comments on your introduction within a week, or you are up for override.

→ Update every two weeks. Members are allowed one backdated entry, but you must post on the friends page every four weeks. Update extensions may be granted on a case by case basis. Your first entry can be backdated. Anyone attempting to change the dates on a backdated placeholder will be removed immediately. We will also immediately remove anyone who backdates two entries in a row. If you are removed for these things, the removal will be permanent. You will not be allowed to reapply. Please make sure that you are not doing this. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, but we must be consistent with this and assume that it is intentional.

→ The friends page entries you are required to make must show some kind of effort. This means that when it is time to make your post on the friends page instead of making a backdated placeholder, you may not post a single GIF or one-liner. Things that will count as making effort include a playlist that you have curated, a collection of small thoughts, any HTML heavy or comment heavy activity or game, 100 word writing challenge, a mood board or Instagram update (graphic heavy). Things that will not count as making effort include a single GIF or photo, quotes without any original content, one-liner posts of such things as "I'm sick" or "What are you watching on Netflix?"

→ Update your friends list every two weeks. If a member does not have the most recent set of adds from two weeks earlier or more, they are up for override. Please be timely about running the removal button. You are allowed to keep old members added to your journal and we do not require you to run the removal button every two weeks, but if you get to a point where your friends list is uncheckable through looking at your profile or by viewing your profile's source code due to a very high number of added friends, you will be up for removal and/or override.

→ Reply to your comments. Members have a week from each friends page post to reply to the majority of comments. If the majority of comments are not replied to on any friends page entry after the entry has been up for an entire week, the member is up for override. Disabling comments on a friends page post counts as not replying to them. If you disable comments on your friends page post and we cannot verify whether you answered comments or not, you are up for override. If we see that you are in violation of any of these things, we will not allow you to fix them because someone is attempting to override you for it. Once we have been made aware, you will be removed regardless of whether the override is accepted or rejected.

→ Format your journal in a way where we can verify that you are updating in a timely fashion and responding to comments. Any alterations to your journal that keep us from being able to verify this can result in immediate removal, whether this means missing dates on your layout, deleting past entries, or anything else. Because we have no placeholder limit and do not make subjective decisions on a member's activity level, we need the ability to make sure that you are within the rules.

→ We will be accepting traditional GIF/graphic/one-liner birthday posts as long as those posts contain a link to another private post. We will be giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that the private post contains more content that you just didn’t want to share with everyone. We don’t want to take away the option of doing something nice for someone else when what you would be posting privately would be considered "making effort" anyway. If you have dates visible in your journal, comments may be disabled for these posts.

{ hiatuses }
→ Members are granted one hiatus of up to 6 weeks every 6 months.

→ You may be granted an extra hiatus for extending ooc circumstances. This is never a problem for members who are otherwise active. However, please note that multiple requests for extra hiatuses can and will be denied if we feel like the hiatus system is being abused.

→ Any public, in-character activity will result in your hiatus being immediately revoked without warning. This includes comments, posts, and changing your icons, userinfo, or layout. If it is brought to our attention or we see it, you will lose your hiatus and be up for override if you are over 2 weeks.

→ Private and ooc activity does not count against your hiatus. This includes activity in customs, posting in communities like rps, and replying to a comment in your screened post. Signing on aim is also considered a private activity, as we do not require it for the community at all.

→ When you return from hiatus, you MUST post on the friends page with an effort post regardless of whether your last post before the hiatus was on the friends page. You must do this during the day of your return date, or you will be removed.

{ infractions }
The following are against the rules and will result in removal:

→ Crossing the IC/OOC line. If you feel you are experiencing or witnessing line crossing, please pm us with as many details and as much proof as possible. We will handle situations on a case-by-case basis. At this community, we consider banning another member from your journal to be line-crossing.

→ Plagiarism of any kind.

→ Any attempts to troll either the friends page or specific members. We reserve the right to reject applications that we feel may be malicious and permanently ban anyone who engages in outrageous harassment of the community or its members.

→ Applying to the community with your own examples and journal and then giving the journal to someone else. We consider this the same as applying with stolen examples. If we find out that you have done this, the role will be immediately removed.

→ If you are attempting to bring back a banned character or assisting someone else with doing so, you will be removed.